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We are a Cache accredited centre focusing on the Early Years qualifications, Paediatric First Aid training, and CPD sessions, all led by our vastly experienced qualified team.
Welcome to Fountainlife Training Centre
Why use the Fountainlife Training Centre?
Our courses are taught all through out the year in our training centre located in East London as well as by eLearning. Courses can also be delivered in your setting upon request. Our expert team can offer guidance and support to advise you about the many options you have. This helps with your professional career and helps you get the very best nanny jobs.
If you are NOT yet registered with Ofsted the Fountainlife Training Centre can help you get the required qualification to become Ofsted registered.
Getting your ideal nanny
The Fountainlife Training centre provides the highest possible calibre of nannies to parents who are concerned by the child safety standards offered by nanny agencies - and especially to those who want to avoid the dangers of hiring direct. Our highest priority is the safety, security and happiness of your children.

All our placed nannies are DBS-checked, pre-interviewed (either face to face, video call or telephone), experienced, ID-checked, have an up to date paediatric first aid certificate and come with a great track record.

Nanny reference checking
We check nanny references to give you peace of mind. This gives us a chance to ask the difficult questions and glean insight into situations in which the family may not have felt comfortable articulating. Or, it gives us a chance to find out exactly how fantastic the nanny actually is! Ultimately, our thorough reference checks are just one more step towards ensuring your little ones are in the hands of the most loving, reliable and knowledgeable nanny possible. We can also do foreign police checks through Civil & Corporate.
E-learning and Face-to-face Training Courses
Book the prerequisite course package to become part of the voluntary Ofsted chilcare registration.
New Courses
E-learning courses that will provide you with the foundational knowledge and skills for your Ofsted childcare registration.
Our learners
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